Bamboo Removal

We will be removing bamboo all winter, please let us know if we can assist you in your bamboo project or help you solve any problems.

New Bamboo Grove Harvesting

We are harvesting three groves of bamboo available to deliver to your property this month.

One is a 25' x 6' grove of 15' - 20' green temple bamboo. One is a 15' x 4' grove of green cane timber bamboo 20+ foot tall. One other grove is a 16-20' tall yellow groove (crookstem).

Please let us know if you would like to purchase these groves as we harvest them.

Seattle Bamboo is licensed by the State of Washington to solve bamboo problems, bonded to assure the work gets done as agreed, and insured against liability for up to 3 million dollars. Our state license number is SEATTB*913ML

Frequently Asked Questions

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